Unified Search - Pinecone

Use a Search Bar in your docs or marketing site that displays results from all of your sources.

It features customizable tabs and a toggle for switching between search and chat modes.

Example: Pinecone

“Ask AI” chat - Bun

Use a Chat Button to add an Ask AI button to your marketing site, docs, or app.

Example: Bun

Custom Chat Button - Clerk

Use the Custom Trigger to trigger the Inkeep search or chat modal with a custom button, link, search bar or any custom UI element.

Example: Clerk

Help Center - Lemon Squeezy

Integrate the Embedded Chat component in your help center to deflect support volume (we’ve seen deflection rates of 30-70%+). You can even add a customizable support form directly inside the Inkeep chat UI that can create a ticket in any support platform.

Example: Lemon Squeezy

Discord Bot - Neon

Use a Discord bot to provide answers in your community. This can be set up as a dedicated channel, like #✨ask-ai, or as an auto-reply bot in help channels.

You can configure the bot to tag a team member when the user can’t find an answer, to stay fully in the loop of user questions.

Example: Neon

Slack Bot - ArangoDB

Use the Inkeep Slack bot to provide answers in your Slack community, internal employee-facing support or sales triage channels, or Slack Connect channels with your customers. It can be set up to reply only when tagged or automatically.

Example: ArangoDB

In-Product Copilot - SingleStore

Add an in-product copilot that leverages user context and adds product-specific workflows.

Example: SingleStore

Custom Copilot - Postman

Use Inkeep’s chat APIs as a tool or complement within your own custom AI agent, copilot, or LLM application.

For example, Postman’s Postbot has product-specific functionality like generating API docs, tests and visualizations with AI functionality created by them, but uses Inkeep’s retrieval (“RAG”) functionality to handle general support or help questions.

We provide OpenAI-compatible endpoints so you can use the APIs with any LLM-application framework like the Vercel AI SDK, LangChain, and others. Contact us for details.