Version 0.2.259

  • Adding context and guidance to AIChatSettings for providing dynamic information and instructions to the bot.

Version 0.2.258

  • Fix copy button tooltip.
  • Add default targetElement for the ChatButton and CustomTrigger in the js snippet.
  • Add colorModeSync logic to the js snippet.

Version 0.2.256

  • Fix to close modal if clicking on a search result link within the same page and shouldOpenLinksInNewTab is false.

Version 0.2.254

  • Fix bug with loading stylesheets.

Version 0.2.253

  • Deep merge properties in the widgets-embed package to improve devx.
  • Add fallback targetEl in the widgets-embed package.

Version 0.2.252

  • Update default AI assistant avatar.

Version 0.2.250

  • Add data-state="active" to the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons after the relative feedback has been submitted, by default they will have data-state="inactive". This can be used to style the buttons differently after feedback submission.

Version 0.2.249

  • Fix bug with chat button fixedPositionXOffset and fixedPositionYOffset props not being applied.
  • Add shrink size variant for the SearchBarTrigger component, this variant will shrink the search bar to just the search icon for the smallest screen sizes.

Version 0.2.248

Breaking changes

  • Changed the prop areOpenHotKeysDisabled to isShortcutKeyEnabled in modalSettings
  • By default isShortcutKeyEnabled is false for all InkeepChatButton variants except ICON_TEXT_SHORTCUT, (it is true by default for the InkeepSearchBar and InkeepCustomTrigger components).
  • By default the openShortcutKey is / for the InkeepChatButton component (it is still k for the InkeepSearchBar and InkeepCustomTrigger components).

Version 0.2.247

  • Added support for passing colorMode in baseSettings, passing in colorMode in theme is still supported but is deprecated.
  • Added support for passing syntaxHighlighter in theme, passing in baseSettings (as highlighterTheme) is still supported but is deprecated.
  • Changed the default chatButtonType to ICON_TEXT.

Version 0.2.246

  • Added loading state for AI chat when passing in the chatId prop.

Version 0.2.245

  • Added support for customizing the chat action button labels and switch to search button label.

Version 0.2.244

  • Added a prop to SearchSettings called submitOnEnterOnly which will submit search query on enter instead of onChange. Default is false.

Version 0.2.243

  • Added a prop to AIChatSettings called chatId which will load the chat corresponding to the id.

Version 0.2.242

  • Bumped dependencies to address vulnerability in vite@4.4.11.

Version 0.2.241

  • Fixed a bug where chat actions were only shown for most recent message.

Version 0.2.238

  • Added a prop to ModalSettings called shouldAnimateSwitchToChatButton which determines whether to animate the switch to chat button on first load. Default is true.
  • Added a variant to the theme for the SwitchToChat button, example:
const inkeepBaseSettings: InkeepWidgetBaseSettings = {
    theme: {
      components: {
        SwitchToChat: {
          defaultProps: {
            variant: 'subtle', // options are 'primary' or 'subtle'