Automatic re-indexing

We automatically re-index all content every 24 hours. We calculate differences in content and update all downstream dependencies as needed.

Update with a webhook call

To update content on-demand, you can make an API call to our management service that will trigger a source synchronization job. This is useful for content that has a CI/CD pipeline or for CMS systems that offer webhooks when content changes. Contact us for a management API key and guidance on how to set this up.

Update with a GitHub Action

You can set up a GitHub Action workflow to automatically trigger Inkeep to re-crawl a source that corresponds to a (public or private) GitHub repo. This way of triggering indexing is possible for publicly available web content managed via Git, like documentation or marketing sites.


Add the Inkeep API key

  1. Get an Inkeep Management API key by contacting
  2. Under your repository settings, navigate to Secrets and variables -> Actions. Click on New repository secret and add your Inkeep API key with the name INKEEP_API_KEY.

Get the Source ID

  1. Go to the Inkeep Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Sources
  3. Selecting the source and copy the ID.

Create the Workflow

  1. In your GitHub repository, navigate to the Actions tab and click on New workflow.

  2. Choose the Set up a workflow yourself option.

  3. Insert the below into the workflow file:

name: Sync Inkeep Source

      - main

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      contents: read
      pull-requests: write

    - name: Checkout
      uses: actions/checkout@v3
    - name: Sync Source
      uses: inkeep/pr-commenter-action@v10
        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN}}
        apiKey: ${{secrets.INKEEP_API_KEY}}
        sourceId: "{SOURCE_ID}"
  1. Replace {SOURCE_ID} with the ID of your Inkeep source.

  2. Commit the workflow file to your repository.

How it Works

  • The workflow is triggered whenever changes are pushed to the main branch and there are changes in the matching paths. Note that this only happens when a PR is merged or push is made to the target branch.

  • If the push to main is associated with a pull request, a comment will be added to the PR confirming that an ingestion job was triggered:

    :mag_right: :speech_balloon: Inkeep AI search and chat service is syncing content for source ‘{Source-Name}’

  • The new content will be ingested within 1 hour.


contents: readAllows the workflow to read the content of the repository, which is needed to detect changes in the content.
pull-requests: writeAllows the workflow to write a comment on the PR when the workflow succeeds. Note that this only happens once the PR is merged to the target branch.