What is Mintlify

Mintlify offers beautiful documentation that helps converts users. We’re big fans - it powers our own docs, including this page.

We’ve partnered with Mintlify to bring Inkeep’s LLM-powered chat to Mintlify customers. Mintlify Chat, as seen on Mintlify’s search bar, is automatically enabled for all Mintlify customers on the Startup and Enterprise plans.

We’ve worked closely together to develop the best strategies for answering customer questions based Mintlify documentation. Those strategies, along with our best-in-class retrieval and grounded-answer technology, let your users “chat with your docs” with confidence.

Your content is automatically re-indexed on every deployment, so you never have to worry about keeping your chat up-to-date.

Go further with Inkeep

For Mintlify customers, we offer two special deals that let you take your LLM-powered chat to the next level.

Add other content

Power your chat with additional content from your forums, Slack and Discord community channels, website, blogs, GitHub, and other public sources. We’ll add the sources and your Mintlify chat experience will automatically use it when answering questions.

Use the full Inkeep platform

Have access to all of our content integrations, including support systems like Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack connect and private sources. Reach users where they are by using our react components, Slack and Discord bots, or APIs. Also tune answers and get insights on user questions using our admin dashboard.

Get in touch at partner-offers@inkeep.com to learn more.