This interface is used to configure the base settings for the Inkeep widgets.

apiKeystringRequired. The API key for your integration. Example: process.env.REACT_APP_INKEEP_API_KEY.
integrationIdstringRequired. The identifier for the integration point. Example: process.env.REACT_APP_INKEEP_INTEGRATION_ID.
organizationIdstringRequired. The identifier for your organization. Example: process.env.REACT_APP_INKEEP_ORGANIZATION_ID.
organizationDisplayNamestringRequired. The display name for your organization. Example: "Inkeep".
primaryBrandColorstringRequired. The primary brand color. The UX will automatically derive a theme from this color. Example: "#26D6FF".
userIdstringUser ID for analytics. Default's to an auto-generated ID for the page or browser, depending on optOutAnalyticalCookies and optOutAllAnalytics.
userEmailstringUser email for analytics. Default undefined.
userNamestringUser name for analytics and showing initials in the UX. Default: undefined.
userCohortsstring[]Array of user cohorts to correlate to your own customer segmentation in analytics. Default: [].
userTokenstringCan be used to provide additional authentication.
userType"EXTERNAL" | "INTERNAL"Used as meta-data in analytics and error logging.
logEventCallback(event: InkeepCallbackEvent) => voidCallback function for logging events to integrate with your own analytics. Refer to Use your own analytics for details.
optOutAnalyticalCookiesbooleanOption to disable cookies used for tracking a user's Inkeep usage behavior across multiple browser sessions. Only same-domain cookies are used. Default: false.
optOutAllAnalyticsbooleanOption to disable all usage analytics, even anonymous ones. Default: false.
optOutFunctionalCookiesbooleanOption to disable cookies that are used for functionality. Default: false.
remoteErrorLoggingLevelRemoteErrorLoggingLevelThe level of remote error logging for Inkeep's monitoring service. Default: RemoteErrorLoggingLevel.AnonymousErrors.
consoleDebugLevelConsoleDebugLevelThe level of logging to your console. Default: ConsoleDebugLevel.Errors.
chatApiProxyDomainstringDomain for routing search and chat API calls through a proxy. Default: undefined. Example:
analyticsApiProxyDomainstringDomain for routing analytics API calls through a proxy. Default: undefined. Example:
env"DEVELOPMENT" | "PRODUCTION"Used as meta-data in analytics and error logging. Default is PRODUCTION.
tagsstring[]Associate questions together by tag for analytics.
themeUserThemeUse the theme configuration to configure colors, fonts, z-indexes and other properties of the widget. Learn more.
colorModeColorModeControl the color mode of the widget. Learn more.


import { type InkeepWidgetBaseSettings } from "@inkeep/widgets";

export const baseSettings: InkeepWidgetBaseSettings = {
  integrationId: process.env.REACT_APP_INKEEP_INTEGRATION_ID!,
  organizationId: process.env.REACT_APP_INKEEP_ORGANIZATION_ID!,
  organizationDisplayName: "Inkeep",
  primaryBrandColor: "#26D6FF",
  product: "Inkeep Product",
  productVersion: "1.0.0",
  userId: "user_id",
  userEmail: "",
  userName: "John Doe",
  userCohorts: ["cohort1", "cohort2"],
  optOutAnalyticalCookies: false,
  optOutAllAnalytics: false,
  optOutFunctionalCookies: false,
  remoteErrorLoggingLevel: RemoteErrorLoggingLevel.AnonymousErrors,
  consoleDebugLevel: ConsoleDebugLevel.Errors,
  apiProxyDomain: "",
  environment: "production",


stylesheetUrlsReactElement[]Array of urls to stylesheets with style overrides. Learn more.
stylesheetsstring[]Array of <link> or <style> tags with style overrides. Learn more.