This interface is used to configure the modal settings for the Inkeep widgets.

defaultViewAI_CHAT | SEARCHDefault view for the modal. The default is AI_CHAT except for the InkeepSearchBar component.
isModeSwitchingEnabledbooleanDetermines whether switching between search and chat in the modal is enabled. Default true.
switchToChatMessagestringText for the button in the search bar that switches the modal to AI chat mode. Default Switch to AI chat.
switchToSearchMessagestringText for the button in the top right of the chat that switches the modal to Search mode. Default Search.
shouldAnimateSwitchToChatButtonbooleanDetermines whether to animate the switch to chat button on first load. Default is true.
openShortcutKeystringShortcut key for opening the modal. Default k for the InkeepSearchBar and InkeepCustomTrigger. Default / for InkeepChatButton.
isShortcutKeyEnabledbooleanDetermines whether hotkeys for opening the modal are enabled. Default true for the InkeepSearchBar, InkeepCustomTrigger, and the ICON_TEXT_SHORTCUT variant of the InkeepChatButton.
onShortcutKeyPressed() => void Callback for when the shortcut key is pressed (only applies to InkeepCustomTrigger). Default undefined.
isAlignedToTopbooleanDetermines whether the modal is aligned to the top. Default true.
isAlignedToRightbooleanDetermines whether the modal is aligned to the right. Default false.


import { type InkeepModalSettings } from "@inkeep/widgets";

export const modalSettings: InkeepModalSettings = {
  defaultView: "AI_CHAT",
  isModeSwitchingEnabled: true,
  openShortcutKey: "k",
  isShortcutKeyEnabled: true,
  onShortcutKeyPressed: undefined,
  isAlignedToTop: true,
  isAlignedToRight: false,
  closeOnBlur: true,