What is WordPress

WordPress is a free and popular content management system (CMS) designed for creating and managing websites.

Get an API key

  1. Go to the Inkeep Dashboard
  2. Select your project under Projects
  3. Go to the Integrations tab
  4. Click on Create integration
  5. Select Web
  6. Provide a Name and URL (optional) for the integration
  7. Click on Create
  8. Click the Example < /> button to get your API key and view suggested settings

Install custom code plugin

This plugin is required to add custom code in order to create a widget.

  1. Open WordPress admin panel
  2. Select the Plugins tab
  3. Open the Add New Plugin section
  4. Install the Head & Footer Code plugin

Initialize the widget

Next, under the Tools tab open Head & Footer Code option. Add the code below to the HEAD Code section:


<script defer>
  const inkeepScript = document.getElementById("inkeep-script");

  // configure and initialize the widget
  const addInkeepWidget = () => {
    const inkeepWidget = Inkeep().embed({
      componentType: "ChatButton",
      properties: {
        chatButtonType: "ICON_TEXT",
        baseSettings: {
          apiKey: "INKEEP_API_KEY", // required
          integrationId: "INKEEP_INTEGRATION_ID", // required
          organizationId: "INKEEP_ORGANIZATION_ID", // required
          primaryBrandColor: "#26D6FF", // your brand color, widget color scheme is derived from this
          organizationDisplayName: "Inkeep",
          // ...optional settings,
        modalSettings: {
          // optional settings
        searchSettings: {
          // optional settings
        aiChatSettings: {
          // optional settings
          botAvatarSrcUrl: "https://mydomain.com/mylogo", // use your own bot avatar
          quickQuestions: [
            "Example question 1?",
            "Example question 2?",
            "Example question 3?",

  inkeepScript.addEventListener("load", () => {
    if (document.body) addInkeepWidget(); // initialize the widget

Save custom code

Click on the Save Changes. Navigate to your web application to make sure the widget is installed correctly.

For a full list of customizations, check out the Chat Button documentation.