Ingest your content

“Automagically” onboard all of your sources using our out-of-box connectors and scrapers.

Supported Sources

  • Technical docs (Docusaurus, Nextra, Mintlify, Redocly, etc.)
  • Help center and FAQs
  • Website and blogs
  • Slack, Discord, and Discourse communities
  • GitHub
  • StackOverflow
  • Open API and GraphQL schemas
  • PDF, Markdown, CSV, and other file types
  • Support tickets (Zendesk, Intercom)
  • Internal sources (Notion, Confluence, Google Drive, etc.)

Add to Slack or Discord

Create an ✨ask-ai channel for your community or use as an auto-reply bot in your internal-facing support channels.

Follow a Quick Start

Check out the Showcase for examples of how teams use Inkeep.

Use a guide to quickly add Inkeep to your docs, marketing site, help desk or app:


If you’d like to customize the UI components, check out the reference pages:


Use our dashboard to monitor usage and create a feedback loop.

Usage Analytics

View all questions asked and track thumbs up, down, and other stats.

AI Reports

Pinpoint gaps in your documentation and monitor trending topics.

Get help

Give us a ping any time, for any reason.