Getting started

Ingest your content

Create your knowledge base by leveraging all of your existing content.

Supported Sources

  • Technical docs (Docusaurus, Nextra, Mintlify, Redocly, etc.)
  • Website and blogs
  • GitHub
  • Slack, Discord, and Discourse communities
  • StackOverflow
  • Open API and GraphQL schemas
  • PDF, Markdown, CSV, and other file types
  • Support desk tickets and FAQs (Zendesk, Intercom)
  • Internal sources (Notion, Confluence, Google Drive, etc.)

Add to your community

Create an ✨ask-ai channel for your community or internal company channels.

Follow a Quick Start

Check out our tutorials to quickly add the Inkeep Search Bar or Chat Button to common platforms:

Embed as a JavaScript snippet

Add our widgets to any website using our @inkeep/widgets-embed library.

Or as React components

Use our @inkeep/widgets library to add our components to any React-based platform.

Build anything with our APIs

Focus on building your business logic and custom experiences while we create and maintain your queryable knowledge graph.

Get help

Give us a ping any time, for any reason.